Torrent Terminologies and Acronyms Part 1

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Here are some terminologies and acronyms you will find and probably have encountered already when searching for a new torrent show to download.

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  1. Pre-Release
    • WP (Workprint) – a copy that is not yet finished. It can be missing music, scenes, and the quality ranges from poor to excellent.
    • SCR (Screener) – promotional pre-VHS tape usually sent to rental stores.
    • TC (Telecine) – film-to-tape or film-to-digital. The quality is generally comparable to a DVD copy.
    • R5 – DVD Region 5. Often lack image post-processing and special features common to a traditional/normal scheduled DVD releases.
    • R5line – an R5 release but whose audio is a direct English copy (usually direct line from a theatre audio system).
    • DVDscr (DVD-Screener) – a copy sent to film critics, awards voters, producers, distributors, and any other important groups or people prior to the official DVD/Theatrical release date. Often has no post-processing.
  2. In-cinema
    • CAM (camera) – recording of a film by the use of a camera and a tripod inside theatres.
    • TS (Telesync) – the same as a camera release except that it uses an external audio source like an audio jack in the chair.
  3. Home Video Ripping
    • VHSrip
    • TVrip
    • PDTV (Pure Digital Television)
    • HDTVrip
    • DVDrip
    • BRrip – a Blu-ray release whose source is a BDrip
    • BDrip (Blu-ray Disc Rip) – a direct Blu-ray Disc copy

“BDrip” and “BRrip” are usually interchanged in releases without subtitles (and hard to detect if it’s a direct rip or a re-rip of a BDrip). However, when a release includes an embedded subtitle then it is no doubt a BRrip. Meaning, the source was from a BDrip file re-encoded with the subtitles.

“BDrip” and “BRrip” are the best rips you can find online, provided the ripper and/or encoder knows the best settings.

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