The Philippines Unicode & Font Test

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This test page serves as a place to check a browser’s Unicode and font support for the various scripts in the Philippines. There are different test cases to cover as many possible issues that may arise or were encountered before.

Please note that I am using CSS @font-face to display these Unicode scripts. It ensures that you will see the scripts even if you do not have a Unicode-compliant font installed in your computer.

However, if you attempt to copy-and-paste these examples elsewhere, say in a social network service like Facebook or Twitter, it may display as boxes or circles if you do not have a proper Unicode-compliant font installed.

Tagalog Script

ᜀᜊᜃᜇᜁᜄᜑᜎᜋᜈᜅᜂᜉᜍᜐᜆᜏᜌ ᜵ ᜶

Da, Ra, Kudlits, Virama, and Pamudpod

ᜇ ᜇᜒ ᜇᜓ ᜇ᜔ ᜇ᜴

ᜍ ᜍᜒ ᜍᜓ ᜍ᜔ ᜍ᜴

Buhid, Hanunoó, Tagbanwa

These will be added at a later date.

Kulitan (Kapampangan)

There is a proposal to add Sulat Kulitan in Unicode, however, the Unicode Consortium is yet to review the proposal and give an update. Until then, it is not possible to test the Kulitan script.

Baybayin for Websites

You can learn how to properly display Baybayin scripts by reading The LANG Attribute.

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