Philippines National Keyboard Layout for Windows is Out!

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I finished the port of the Philippines National Keyboard Layout for Linux to Windows much earlier than I hoped! Rejoice Microsoft® Windows users!

Get it now and start typing all the Filipino characters!

The process is simple:

  1. Download the file PH-UKL-Windows (available in 7-zip, exe, and zip formats) here
  2. Extract the file anywhere and go to the “PH-UKL-Windows” folder
  3. Install the Baybayin (Alibata) font so your system can display the characters
  4. Open the “kbdph” folder
  5. Install one or all of the Latin keyboard layouts:
    • QWERTY (Latin): kbdph01l_setup.exe
    • Capewell-Dvorak (Latin): kbdph02l_setup.exe
    • Capewell-QWERF 2006 (Latin): kbdph03l_setup.exe
    • Colemak (Latin): kbdph04l_setup.exe
    • Dvorak (Latin): kbdph05l_setup.exe
  6. Install one or all of the Baybayin keyboard layouts:
    • QWERTY (Baybayin): kbdph01b_setup.exe
    • Capewell-Dvorak (Baybayin): kbdph02b_setup.exe
    • Capewell-QWERF 2006 (Baybayin): kbdph03b_setup.exe
    • Colemak (Baybayin): kbdph04b_setup.exe
    • Dvorak (Baybayin): kbdph05b_setup.exe
  7. Windows automatically activates your newly installed keyboard layout. Simply press (Left) Alt+Shift to switch between layouts. You type the ₱eso sign by pressing (RightAlt)/AltGr+p. ñ by (RightAlt)/AltGr+n; Ñ by (RightAlt)/AltGr+N and so on.

You’re done!

The font included in the zip file is a Unicode-only and Website-embed compatible version of Nordenx‘s Baybayin brush font.

See the keyboard layout images here.

Official source repository:
If you have suggestions or bugs to report, please do not hesitate to file a ticket here.

*** The Philippines National Keyboard Layout is a project of Ubuntu Philippines LoCo Team. Project contact: JC John Sese Cuneta; XMPP/Jabber [email protected]***

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